Parrot-Troopers is a community of Avian Supporters of Rescues and Sanctuaries willing to help an “Organization Of The Month” by providing toys to birds in their care. We do this by raffling off an Avian themed item(s). Money made over the cost of the item is used to purchase toys for that months rescue/sanctuary and the winner gets awesome prizes.

By providing enrichment and stimulation for these birds in need, we can help. There are so many ways you as Parrot Trooper members can help out the Organization of the month! You can send a toy(s) on your own, order from the businesses that support Parrot Troopers using a special discount code, select something from the organizations Wish List  and send it to them or everyone’s favorite way to help….buy raffle tickets for our monthly prize and proceeds are used to purchase toys for the month!

After talking with a number of established Rescues and Sanctuaries, providing toys can eat a huge chunk of their cash donations. We all know how quickly some of our flock members can go through toys and understand the sometimes frustration when we go, “You destroyed that already?” but then quickly realize the enrichment and stimulation toys give them. We can provide that same enjoyment to an organization, even if it is for only a month.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a toy you send either but we are primarily focusing on toys but I will also be posting each organizations list of basic needs, i. e., paper towels, wipes, food bowls, etc. I often find discontinued toys and treats marked down at pet stores. Great opportunity to pick these items up and help some birds in the process. Parrot Troopers also has a number of reputable businesses that offer our members discounts on toys that are ordered and shipped directly to the organization of the month. You can find the entire list under the FILES tab above and the document titled Businesses that Support Parrot Troopers. And don’t forget to purchase some Parrot Troopers parrotphenalia from DeborahFeatheredAngels! From Coffee Mugs to Tote bags, she donates between $3 and $10 per item back to Parrot Troopers. Those funds are then used to purchase more toys for the rescues!

All Organizations that Parrot-Troopers helps should be an established 501c3, however, exceptions may be made and approved by the Admins of Parrot Troopers. Please know that the Admins of Parrot Troopers will review and research any group not 501c3 and insure your donations are going to an Organization that truly work on the behalf of birds. With each featured group, I will post “Bio” info but I also encourage anyone to research the Organization yourself as well.

You can also make a $5 donation monthly to any of these organizations. If you think about it, if 500 people sent $5 a month for a year, that’s $30,000.00. Any little thing can be helpful to these Organizations and the birds they care for and it puts a smile on yours and their face too.

However you can help will be a big benefit to these Organizations and the birds in their care.

Here is a few of the things the Admins are looking for when it comes to selecting an Organization to help:

1. Preferably a 501c3 status, if not, we prefer to be able to see all of  the following: A: Website   and/or Facebook page with bio information about the Organization

B: Current Adoption Listings/Photos

C: Recent activity/transparency/updated info

D: Contact info for Organization- One of the Admins will contact them, asking various questions about the Organization, gathering info to make a decision among the Admins if we feel this is a place in good standing and truly in it for the birds.

E: Recommendations from respected people/groups.

F: We would like a contact from the group to answer questions members may have here.

G: We want to see pictures of happy birds with the toys received!! If they are 501c3, then we prefer to be able to review Financials, i.e. tax returns, whether it be sent to us or easily located on Guidestar’s website if not the rescue’s own website. We also will review the IRS website to verify the 501c3 non-profit status is in good standing, however, that is only reviewed by the IRS every 3 years and we prefer all the above mentioned. I prefer a conversation with a contact person, over the phone as you can get a feel for a place with the timeliness of an answer to the questions asked.

The Admins will do our best to screen these places but I encourage anyone to personally reach out to a group and ask a few questions for yourself. You can find us on Facebook!


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